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Angus Eye Tea is a mental health, comedy podcast that discusses the ups and downs of mental health disorders. Host and producer Elaine Best shares her experiences with Bipolar II disorder (the sequel no one asked for), anxiety, depression, and of course, other cheerful topics.

How does humor pair with mental health? Laughter puts us at ease. It makes scary topics like panic attacks, depressive episodes, and our awkward middle school years that sometimes haunt us at 2 a.m. (ahem), feel not so scary.

The mission of this podcast is to normalize mental health and break down the stigmas through laughter. Want to hear how this blend works? Scroll down to check out the latest episode!

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Parody guided meditations, audio diaries, harrowing stories of grocery runs, awkward encounters... You're about to embark on a journey.

New to the podcast? Try starting with Creativity and Depression from November 2020, the Anxious Traveler series, or the Hall of Fame for My Panic Attacks episode.

Want to start from the beginning? Mmk. No embarassment here. It's fine. Truly, we all grow, don't we? How fun for you to hear the raw, rough few episodes. Ha. Ha ha.

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